Zebra print room decor with bedroom wall and accessories ideas

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If you’re tired for having monotone print room decor, then you may try zebra print room décor. It’s considered as one of popular room decor people try nowadays. It’s eclectic and astounding. It puts two color as the main color seen which are, black and white. Though it only uses black and white color, it is added with unique Zebra stripe that turns to be an interesting factor to be seen.

In order to apply Zebra room decoration, there are several ways that you can do. First, you may go for bedding design or, you can go for the curtain. Last but not least, there is other choice available which for room’s decoration. All things will be explained briefly below so, you’re able to understand more about things that you should do in creating a convenient bedroom with Zebra accent.

Zebra print bedroom decor

It’s a classic way to put all things inside by putting several elements on the room. there are several ways that you can do. First, you may add zebra print bedding as the main element seen inside. Second, go for the wallpaper that is filled with Zebra stripe design.

If you don’t think that it’s not enough yet then you can go for other part for example, you may add other thing that you think it’s adequate for the room for example, the curtain. As the addition, add a mild color inside the bedroom for example, grey or white color.

Zebra print wall decor

If you think that a room full of zebra thing is a big no then go on only minor parts inside the room. The best thing that you can do is, go for the wall. Wall becomes your canvas to paint something especially, Zebra stripe.

There are many ways to put it on the wall. The best thing that you can get is, fabric wall. It’s filled with black and white color completed with eccentric zebra stripe shown on there. If you don’t think fabric is not suitable for you then go for other material for example, wood. Each material is okay as long as you put it on the right place with proper arrangement.

Zebra print bedroom accessories

There is still other way that you can do for your room. If you want to add small thing inside your room with Zebra element then go for accessories. There are many kind of accessories available but, the best choice comes up is, lamp set. Lamp set presents the presence of Zebra element inside the room. it looks good with black and white room or other room’s color since the lamp set doesn’t stand too much.

With some ways explained before, you are understand about things that you have to do. Most of all, what kind of room that you want to create? If you want to go full Zebra room then go on by choosing several elements added inside. However, you can go for other choice as long as the room looks really astonishing and being the best spot in your life that can keep your head cool after tiring day.

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