Townhouse Landscaping Concepts with Colorful Plants

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Fresh and small townhouse landscapingmakes the old building design complete and friendly. It is arranged in front of the bricked house which organized with black soil. That small gardening is bordered with white stone that matched with the cement entryway. The two story building design that wrapped with brick is created with curved window design. Around it, the large trees are naturally decorated this house. Let’s find various townhouse landscaping ideas below.

Appealing Front Townhouse Landscaping with Taupe Wall Applied

Clean of Lawn Front Townhouse Landscaping with Flowers Accompanied

Traditional Townhouse Landscaping

Planting the green grasses to fully cover the wide courtyard is not enough; it should be added with flowers to make it cheerful. To make the brick color stylish, thee violet and blue flowers are nice and completed with white flowers. It is different between the traditional and modern townhouse front yard landscaping ideas since they have different home type. Like the rooftop on this contemporary house design. It is adorned with many decorative plants that looks very fresh and enlivens with assorted floral color. Thus, really made the townhouse landscaping ideas beauty and complete. It is also added with modern furniture, such as the black sofas frame that integrated with artistic patterned seat. In front of this furniture, the minimalist fireplace is arranged with cement mantel.

Green Front Townhouse Landscaping in the Garden Design Ideas

Natural Photo of Front Townhouse Landscaping Surrounded by the Planters

Contemporary Townhouse Landscaping Ideas

It is good and unique to plant the flash color that creates on the leaves. For example, the red leave on this tree is prominent among the greenish plant color. It shows the modernity and healthy nuance and suited for modern home design with contemporary townhouse garden ideas on it. That tree is growing fertile on the forest and previously some old styled house has planted in on their garden. For an Asian house, the townhouse landscaping ideas with Zen garden theme is perfect.

Sometimes it is designed with cement staircase that connects it to the backyard garden. This townhouse landscape design is completed with stone and tropical plants. The Asian townhouse landscaping ideasare requires large courtyard area.

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  3. Townhouse Landscaping Concepts with Colorful Plants
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