Peter pan nursery theme room decor ideas that easy to apply

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Who does not know about peter pan right? This story about a young boy which cannot be old as they are living in a magical place called Neverland has become one of the most unique and also memorable story every created. But how, about making your own peter pan nursery theme room decor for your baby? Well, it is not a bad idea as there are many unique ideas and themes, one of the examples is by applying a beautiful wallpaper sticker into your nursery wall.

There are some wallpaper with unique Neverland or Peter pan theme one of them are the one with simple peter pan white silhouette with his companion Wendy, and tinker bell and of course a green backdrop. This ideas by itself can make a unique nursery theme.

Peter pan room decor

As a room decor wallpaper of course is not the only thing that we can try to apply for our peter pan nursery theme ideas. There are several things in the peter pan world that can try to use.

For examples, there is a sticker decoration with the design of Peter pan infamous villain which is captain hook ship with the addition of moonlight design that will make your nursery looks simple but also magical.

Other than that the addition of star decoration as well a number of peter pan character picture in a frame will make the nursery bedroom feel more like coming from the Neverland itself.

Peter pan nursery bedding

Moving from the decoration we go to the bedding. As for the bedding itself, there are several ideas for the nursery. The most interesting addition with Peter pan theme is the bed cover. A bed cover with green color and also unique quotes which is reminiscing from the Peter Pan story is one of the most interesting addition to your nursery bedding.

To make things even better, there are some blanket with peter pan theme motif. One of the recommended one is the a motif of peter pan and captain hook having a sword duel on the ship which is perfectly cute and also bold which is perfect for boys nursery bedroom.

Peter pan wall stickers

As we already told you previously, some of the bedcover or blanket with peter pan motif and also quotes is a unique addition to these Peter pan nursery theme. But how about Peter pan quoted sticker. Well, it is also a great addition for your nursery decoration.

It will make the nursery feel more stylish it will also give us some interesting and also nostalgic feel, especially for us who are growing up with Peter Pan story. Other than that a sticker on the wall with flying peter pan silhouette motif is also a great design and decoration that we can consider to apply.

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