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Paris tower decor. Decorating interior inside our own house is not an easy thing to do especially if you want to create a particular theme in your room.

Some people may be desperate to do it alone but some also take advantage of the services of interior designers for the creation of a comfortable room that fit with their needs and image.

If you want to save money and do it yourself but do not know exactly what is appropriate for your room, make sure to avoid some common mistakes in decorating paris decoration style below.

So you can create a really attractive interior and also make it more comfortable .

1. Not paying attention to the lighting
Many people still think that giving ornaments and decorations will give a beautiful impression on the room, but the most important point in an interior is the light and brightness inside a room.

In the daytime it may all be normal but when the night come then the role of lighting is very important.

You should still focus on the light and warm light in the area where children gather or play, add some light source in the form of lamp or decoration to give the interior some brightness.

2. Not focusing on one interior theme
This error is a mistake often made by beginners who have just tried a new interior decoration.

To avoid mistakes in interior decoration, we recommend that you stick to one interior theme and not mix up the theme you want in a room with another theme.

Create a room in accordance with its function. For example, if you have a workspace then decorate with working atmosphere in mind and avoid any décor that will ruin your interior.

3. Excessive decoration
Luxurious room does not mean to be crowded with expensive furniture, the overcrowded condition of the furniture actually makes the room uncomfortable.

Besides it is also very far from its function. Keep present furniture according to the theme and function of your room.

For example, you do not need to present a dressing table just to be placed in the bathroom or something else.

If you present or put too many decorations then this will actually make your interior look messy. Therefore, make sure to limit the use of decorations and furniture.

4. Incorrect furniture and decor placement
Take advantage of storage space as best as you can, do not always display objects or furniture that does not match with the designated interior.

Many people just want to try to display their interior decoration so it can be seen.

Although it can give you some kind of pride, it will actually make your room look excessive and you should avoid this.

Also make sure you put the appropriate furniture in place for a more perfect and neat interior results.

5. Sacrificing comfort
Prioritize your comfort while in your home room, where you should focus and willingly invest your money for a mattress in your bedroom that is very comfortable to use.

Do not focusing only for a beautiful interior but in the end it will only give you uncomfortable interior.

Because in the end the core and purpose of creating Paris tower decor is to create a Paris-themed interior that is comfortable for you.

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