Paris themed bedroom set

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Paris themed bedroom set. You probably never thought if a mere interior design of a room can give a unique feel for each person who are residing inside the room.

This is why, not a few people who are willing to spend a lot of money just to make the interior design of the house in accordance with what they wants it to be.

However… if you now have a room of your own and want to change it completely, you do not need to do a major reshuffle just to get what you want.

For example, you can give some new touch in the form of interior decoration that suitable with the theme you want to make your bedroom look more comfortable.

A good example for a simple and yet beautiful bedroom theme idea is the Paris themed bedroom. To create this Paris-themed bedroom, you can give your bedroom some unique touch using some of the most interesting decoration and furniture as follows.

Paris tower decor

Wall decal or mural are the biggest decoration you can add to create Paris themed feel in your room, here you can use a decal or mural with Eiffel tower design or you can also apply your own picture that have Paris related theme.

However if your bedroom is too small, you can also use the existing wall image motif as a hanging rack, just use some wooden planks attached to the wall.

Meanwhile, for those of you who love painting, you can also express it by creating a mural about the city’s pictures and buildings in Paris, you can also put some furniture like an old chair or table in front of the wall to add a strong artistic impression.

Paris pillows

The presence of pillows with a Paris motif can also make the room more beautiful, you can use sleeping pillows, cushions or just a relaxed pillow.

Paris pillow themed can be a pillow with some interesting images of Paris city or just a quote that are written in French.

All in one this simple decoration will give a unique Paris nuance inside your room.

Paris themed curtains

Empty room windows can be filled with curtains. The curtains itself also need to have Paris motifs to give your room a Paris themed design.

Some of the curtains design can be curtains with the picture of Eiffel towers or similar images.

Another interesting things to be noted is that the curtains is not limited to windows curtains. Yes, you can also add Paris themed curtains inside your bathroom especially the one that cover the bathtub or shower.

This why not only the bedroom that will get a Paris themed design but also your bathroom as well.

Paris themed rugs

Additionally, you also need to think about the floor, you can apply some unique and creative decoration by presenting a carpet or a thick mat with be the design of Paris city scenery.

Another good alternative like the old city there or it could be the image of Eiffel tower.

Paris comforter

As a complement, use a bed cover set with Paris theme image and design.

The design does not have to be necessarily with the same image with the other but still in one theme.

You can try abstract patterned design and word that written in French or if you want a more unique appeal then you can even use pictorial French flag.

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