New kitchen ideas 2016 : Two Awesome yet Simple design

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It is so good to have the urge and willingness to remodel the kitchen. Make sure you can maintain such spirit. But, without any intention to make you worry or something else, you should also notice that there are so many people who end up having their willingness turn to dust. It is usually caused by the fact that they are confused in determining the right idea to apply to their kitchen remodeling desire. To be honest, there are surely so many ideas which can be found out there and become inspirations. However, sometimes, it is not really that satisfying if you do not have the new kitchen ideas 2016 which are based on the latest trends. If that kind of ideas is what you want, you should carry on reading then.

new kitchen cabinet ideas

Transitional Kitchen

The first of the new kitchen ideas 2016 that you can apply is about having transitional kitchen. This kind of idea is basically derived from the open concept kitchen which has been previously well known before. But, unlike the open concept, this kind of kitchen gives some kind of transition from one area of the house to the other. Yes, it’s just like what the name of the idea tells you. There will be at least two rooms being connected and being transitioned by the kitchen. For instance, the kitchen is located in the center between the living room area and the dining room. Or it is also possible for you to have the kitchen to connect your living room with the outer parts of your house. Without any doubt, this kind of kitchen design is really fresh and unique. It is expected that this kind of idea will last quite long as a trend.

kitchen design 2016

The Use of White and Grey Cabinets

The next idea is about emphasizing the use of kitchen cabinets. Yes, without any doubt, cabinets are really important for the kitchen and they play vital role as well. If you get the right kitchen cabinets, you can really expect that the result will be fantastic. For the new kitchen ideas 2016 related to the use cabinets, the use of white and grey cabinets seems to be really trending. Yes, such neutral look is gaining more popularity nowadays due to the fact that it is able to be combined with the other schemes easily. However, please don’t think that such color schemes are going to be boring easily. It has been proven that neutral colors of the cabinets have been really popular for quite a while and it is expected to keep on being popular in the next year.

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