Mickey mouse room decor for toddlers that will cheer them

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Trying to find something cute for your bedroom or child’s room? Mickey Mouse room decor for toddlers design is something that you should try. Known as one of famous iconic cartoon character, Mickey Mouse has turned into something more than just a cartoon. People love to add it as anything including room’s decoration.

You can put Mickey at any places inside the room. There are bedding, wall, furniture, decoration, and other elements that are possible. Within this article, we like to explain about any ways that you can do in decorating your room.

Mickey Mouse bedroom decor

The first choice is, full Mickey Mouse room decoration. It’s a choice that people can go for where they can put a whole look at the room decoration. If you like to add it then there are many choices that you should do. First of all, you need to apply good wallpaper contained with Mickey or Minnie or both of them.

Besides, make sure that you add get other element with the same nuance. The bedding will contain Mickey Mouse design. Be sure for not adding any elements exaggeratedly because, it will be seen so bad and it’s not really good for your room.

Mickey Mouse Crib Bedding Set

For bedding design, there are many choices that are available. First, it’s surely Mickey or Minnie that is set as the main character of bedding. The other thing that you must do is about the color. What kind of bed’s color that is suitable for you.

The easiest thing to do is only by choosing the color that looks good with other element. In this case, it will help you to create harmonious color combination that can be shown from the room.

Mickey Mouse bedroom furniture

The easiest and could be most common people often choose is, through the furniture. It’s easy and people can go for other thing that can improve their room’s look through it.

For the furniture, people are free to choose anything that they think it’s suitable for you. If you love to go for unique look then, Mickey-shaped furniture is something that you should get.

Mickey Mouse window curtains

The next choice is where you want to add only a small portion of Mickey Mouse inside the room. You can go for Mickey Mouse curtain that looks really simple and it can be a great idea for you. In choosing it, you need to be careful for its color and design that is suitable for your room.

Mickey Mouse wall mural

Looking for different way to express your love to Mickey Mouse? Go for wall mural! It’s really unique and you could spend your energy on the wall. However, the result is really satisfying. For wall mural, you can add other characters aside of Mickey such as, Donald, Minnie, Daisy, and etc.

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