Lion king room decor nursery ideas with matching wall decal

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Who does not like one of the most nostalgic and iconic Disney animation which is lion king right? As it is one of the most memorable Disney animation ever made. It is also a cool looking ideas to be seen as a baby room decor.

One of the interesting ideas that we can try to apply using this Lion king room decor theme is applying some of the memorable decoration inspired from the movie such as Simba symbol in the wall with similar lion mane color for the entire room to give the nursery a unique personality.

Lion king nursery ideas

One of the many ideas of lion king room décor can be divided into several decoration such as plush toys or dolls into a unique wallpaper that are pictured with several lion king characters.

Other than that bedcover for the nursery and crib is one of the most common additional decoration we can apply to the nursery room ideas. In addition there are also several room décor with lion king themed inspired design such as lamp, towel and curtain.

Combine all of this unique decoration then you will get a magnificent lion king nursery ideas which is cute and also give a nostalgic feel.

Lion king baby bedding

Of course, the nursery will be much better if the bedding or the crib are also inspired and fully decorated with the lion king decoration theme. In some bedding design and ideas, applying a bedcover with lion king design theme is one of the most common and popular way to give lion king themed design into the bedding.

Other than that, there are also hanging doll with lion king themed decoration such as Simba as the main character which is applied into the hanging doll theme which will make the bedding much more interesting and unique.

Lion king wall decals

Of course all of these bedroom and nursery ideas will be incomplete without a good wall decals which is inspired from lion king themed characters itself.

There are different types of decals with lion king design theme and all of them are presented with variety of size, for examples, there are large size decals with Pumbaa, Timon and Simba or small sized character decals such as Simba and even Scar and the hyena.

Lion king wall mural

Finally for the most dedicated one, there are lion king wall mural which offer a large sized painting of lion king characters cast complete with the environment which will make the interior feel very beautiful and also giving a stylish and unique nursery room decoration ideas.

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