Light grey paint colors for living room : Will you opt it?

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What comes across your mind when you read that some light grey paint can be cool for your living room? Most people would shake their heads as all shades of grey are often associated with boredom. Well, it doesn’t have to be true anymore so welcome our design which presents light grey as a trendy color for your living room. You won’t believe what you will read and see. Light grey paint colors for living rooms are an attractive idea which is worth trying. The key is the calm light grey needs a stronger company to brighten up your living room, which means there are other colors should be involved to work its magic.

best neutral paint colors for living room

The Bright Colors

Now, you see that light grey paint colors for living rooms can be a cool option as long you have some stronger colors in the living room such as orange and red. Theoretically speaking, light grey is a very calm color so an additional color such as orange or red will surely work wonder in your living room. If you still don’t believe it, take a glance at this living room and you will be surprised by the magic the light grey, red and orange have created together. The red and orange paintings and cushions have given their dramatic effects which suit the calm light grey.

earth tone paint colors for living room

The Right Shade of Blue Will Help

Will it be a great idea to combine the light grey living room with a blue painting or blue cushions? The good news is yes, it is a wonderful idea. Why? Well, first of all grey and blue fall into the category of cold colors so without doubt they are perfect for each other. Secondly, as long as you pick up the right blue either it is the painting or cushions, it will be able to create a fabulous living room for you and the whole family. Any color has its aura and a perfect shade of blue also does. You can check out the picture which gives you the idea of a perfect combination between light grey and blue. So, don’t worry about choosing blue together with a shade of light grey for your modern living room. Light grey paint colors for living rooms can be dramatic if combined with a fresh shade of blue. This eye-catching picture has proven it so why don’t you give it a chance? Good luck.

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  3. Light grey paint colors for living room : Will you opt it?
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