Laminate flooring trends 2016 you should follow

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The talk about laminate flooring trends 2016 cannot be separated from the trends of using hardwood flooring in the same years. It can be said so because laminate itself is as a matter of fact a budget alternative to hardwood flooring, which is commonly offered in higher price. For you who are interested in getting the hardwood flooring look but do not have that much of money, following the laminate flooring trends can really be a good solution. As suggestion, here are some latest new trends of laminate flooring you can follow in the New Year.

popular laminate flooring 2016

Blonde Laminate Flooring

The first example of laminate flooring trends 2016 is blonde laminate flooring. This one does not only give any interior design a brighter look, especially when it is also combined with the right choice of wall and furniture color. This is also proven to give a more relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in the same interior. Something like this makes the flooring option suitable to be installed in a room where peace and relaxation are needed the most, such as in bedroom, study room, or even a room for yoga and meditation.

best laminate flooring that looks like hardwood

Gray Laminate Flooring

Next, there is gray laminate flooring option as the other trending choice for 2016 the best thing about this is not only located in the fact that is actually the highlight of laminate flooring especially for 2016 but also because gray is the color that is more suitable to apply in any modern interior design. This certainly cannot be separated from the fame of modern interior style that is still booming at this point of time. Obviously this will be a totally perfect option for you to pick if you are also the follower of that kind of interior style instead of others.

Dark Laminate Flooring

The last but not least example of laminate flooring trends 2016 is dark laminate flooring. This can be a suitable choice to pick for you who are trying to create a classic look in your interior. This one can be perfect also for creating luxurious and high class look in your interior. Especially for the second advantage, of course you are also needed to combine the laminate flooring with the right choice of interior elements, especially furniture or else the luxurious look you want will never come out. From the three choices of laminate flooring, which one is most interesting according to your taste of interior design?

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