Kitchen paint colors with dark cabinets : The Basic Things to Know

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It may sound a little bit too confusing for you to find the right kitchen paint colors with dark cabinets. Well, somehow, the people are too scared of dark furniture. There is some kind of belief which actually is not right and it’s about how the people think that dark furniture can be mixed with the other things as the part of the room design unless to combine it with some other dark things as well. And since we’re talking about the dark cabinets here, using dark things to complement the cabinets will surely be a bad thing to do. Kitchen is not the room where you want it to be too dark there. It’s going to affect the mood and we’re talking about the negative effect here.

color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets

Dark Cabinets Are Not Bad

You should start thinking outside of the box. The belief that has been mentioned before should be changed. You must understand that basically dark color is just like the white. It’s really neutral. Therefore, it should be able to be combined with the other colors just fine. All you need to do is just to have the confidence to do it. I bet that if you still think like the aforementioned explanation, you have never seen dark cabinets of the kitchen are combined with the other colors. To be honest, to have dark cabinets is a great start because such cabinets have already got their great value and it’s about luxury. Who doesn’t want to have luxurious kitchen? You surely, want it right? Therefore, let’s try to figure out the right color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets.

popular kitchen paint colors with dark cabinets

Two Ideas to Apply

There are actually two basic ideas you can apply. The first is about complementing the dark color of the cabinets and the second one is to give contrast to it. Let’s talk about the first idea. Complementing the dark color can be done by using another dark color. But like what’s stated above, you should not make your kitchen too dark. For this matter, you can try to get the dark brown color. Or if it’s still too gloomy for you, try the orange color. The result should be awesome. Then, about the contrastive idea, well, without any doubt, you can combine the dark cabinets with white color of the paint colors. If you think it’s going to be bad, just wait when everything is done. The white color will actually emphasize the dark cabinets for sure. And that’s going to make your kitchen look even fresher. So, don’t you think it is the time for you to apply any of the aforementioned kitchen paint colors with dark cabinets?

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  3. Kitchen paint colors with dark cabinets : The Basic Things to Know
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