Kitchen flooring trends 2016 : Hardwood as the Most Interesting Flooring Option

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In the category of kitchen flooring trends 2016, it can simply be said that there are actually no specific options available since basically the trends follow the common 2016 flooring trends that are not only meant for kitchen area but also any other area in the house. However, it cannot be denied that there is actually a trend choice suitable to call as the most interesting one for kitchen area. The trend meant here is nothing else but the use of hardwood flooring in kitchen. From so many reasons why hardwood is a perfect choice for kitchen flooring, the fact that it has such a rich and elegant look as well as the fact that it can be counted on for a long lasting options are the major reasons why you should replace your old kitchen flooring with hardwood.

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Dark Hardwood for More Elegant Look

As told previously, hardwood kitchen flooring trends 2016 are the ones you should take into consideration when you want to create a more elegant kitchen look. In this case, you need to realize that hardwood flooring is also available in so many choices at this time. For a more elegant look, it is more suggested for you to pick darker color for the flooring. Besides the fact that the color is more elegant, you also need to know that it is a choice that is perfect to pair with any kitchen style, no matter whether it is modern, traditional, or something else. Besides, the dark color of hardwood actually still belongs to the category of neutral color. It means you are free to pick any color for the kitchen theme, specifically for the furniture and cabinetry.

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Perfect Pair for Traditional Kitchen Design

Other interesting fact you also need to know about hardwood kitchen flooring trends 2016 is that it can always be a perfect pair for traditional kitchen design. In this case, it is more suggested for you to pick hardwood flooring which color is lighter. This kind of flooring is so nice to be paired with white or ivory kitchen cabinets and furniture in order to create a perfect traditional atmosphere in the interior design, which is also peaceful at the same time. Something like this is totally suitable for you who love to spend time peacefully in kitchen area. For a better peaceful traditional effect, you should not forget to pair the flooring choice with the right selection of lighting too.

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