Kintner Modular Homes Log Cabin Designs in Natural Beauty

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If you want to have a log cabin house, the Kintner Modular Homes Incorporation could help you. This company offers you lots of log cabin variations within varied designs and sizes. As we all know, modular log cabin is simply looks beautiful. Its natural appearance will blend with the environment perfectly. For you who like simple living and warm homes, this kintner modular log homes review is yours.

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Kintner Modular Homes Designs

What Kintner Company uses for their creations are perfect and well hardwoods. On its one project, you can see a fabulous design of a long wooden cabin that is surrounded by spacious green of the nature. The Kintner Modular Homes Company made the exterior of the building paneled in wooden logs. Completed with triangular roof and stony cantilever, this cabin looks so perfect. Lengthened cabin’s body there with staircase is no less interesting too.

For a simpler design of urban living, you can check other concepts. A modern log cabin might be just simple in the Kintner Modular Homes Company’s hands. Long cabin with horizontal pattern on the exterior walls could be painted in pistachio or ivory tone. The main entrance is just simple and white. And to help you reach it, there would be some stairs available on the ground. This kind of modular cabin would have several windows installation. No tall fences, just the wooden and the short one to limit the house access.

Be a Part of Kintner Modular Homes Project

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Yes, be a part of it. Have one of their creations as your new lovely residence. Surely this company will accept custom request of the design. If you like to have a mobile modular house with wooden deck, why don’t you just say it? You can add on your deck a wooden swing for two or three people. Also, a log cabin is identically matching with spacious windows, so don’t forget to include them on the home design. Watch the Kintner Modular Homes reviews carefully. And enjoy the Kintner modular homes project as your new living place.

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  3. Kintner Modular Homes Log Cabin Designs in Natural Beauty
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