Hardwood flooring trends 2016 : Wider Planks and Reclaimed Wood

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It’s always a good idea to follow the trend especially when you intend to deal with some improvement of your house. Focusing on the hardwood flooring trends 2016, well, there are surely some types of the hardwood floor which will surely have quite a say in the upcoming 2016. To give you some spoiler, well, it’s ranging from wood plank size which is actually not a really new thing anymore in the field of hardwood flooring to the rather more eco-friendly reclaimed wood. Well, are you ready to learn about the options of the trend and then choose the one suitable for you?

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Wider Planks Are Still In

As mentioned before,you should not be unfamiliar with the use of wider planks for the hardwood flooring. It has been around for quite a while. However, there is no doubt that the popularity of such wider planks is still going on the next year by considering the fact that there are still many people who are looking for it until the end of this year. You need to know that the hardwood flooring is said to have wider planks if it’s wider than the standard of 5 inches. The use of 7-inch planks to construct the hardwood flooring or even wider has become quite popular starting from the early of this year. The reason why the people are keen on such wider planks is because it will give bigger sensation to the room. It’s going to have more spacious feeling. Not to mention, if you use such wider planks, you will need fewer seams. And do you know that such condition will make it possible for the debris to be more minimized? Please don’t forget that this kind of wide planks is also going to save more time for you to install it. You can see how such hardwood flooring is really popular and should be included as the hardwood flooring trends 2016, right?

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Reclaimed Wood

You should know that reclaimed wood is the eco-friendly version of hardwood flooring. And without any doubt, this kind of choice is going to become the part of hardwood flooring trends 2016. The reason being is because the people have become more and more aware about the condition of the nature nowadays. The use of regular hardwood flooring surely will use up a lot of natural sources especially the wood. Reclaimed wood, on the other hand, is the kind of recycled planks so basically, there’s no wood being chopped to make this flooring.

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