Fire pit ideas : Cheap in ground landscaping outdoor living

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We all know that to make the garden or backyard feels unique and interesting we can do many kinds of things. One of the most interesting things that we can try to add is applying fire pit ideas. And for you who are interested to make a good fire pit then here are some of the collection of unique and stylish fire pit ideas that you can try to apply to your home exterior garden and make it much more stylish, relaxing and also interesting to look at.

Cheap fire pit ideas

The first ideas that we can try is the DIY project ideas. It is easy to use because the only thing we need to do is to prepare the bricks and then made it into a square shape fire pit and adding some soil in the center of it.

There are also the other ideas which makes the brick into a circle style design while on the center we give it some cheap fire pit bowls. This idea is also quite interesting and also popular for simple and cheap fire pit ideas.

Fire pit landscaping ideas

For you who want a more complex ideas then applying a whole different design into your fire pit ideas can also make it much more interesting. Having to build a fire pit and also a place to rest around it using a brick is not a bad ideas but need more planning.

Of course if you prefer you can also combine the landscape of the fire pit territory with your house in order to give it easier access. Therefore this ideas is considered a bit expensive because you need to built additional landscape into your surrounding fire pit.

In ground fire pit ideas

There are also unique in ground fire pit ideas that you can try to apply. This ideas is to apply an in ground design which means half of the fire pit are buried. The use of metal barrel for this ideas and then encase it with fire pit bricks is one of the most interesting ideas that you can try to apply.

However if you want a simpler design it is an also a good idea just to arrange a circular design with your fire brick and then use the center of the area as your fire pit design

Fire pit ideas outdoor living

There are also several different fire pit ideas outdoor living. One of them is the combination of a fountain and fire pit. This ideas needs a very good planning and also placement to make it work however the results will be captivating.

And the second ideas is to make the fire pit looks modernized with stylish landscape design which offer a more futuristic and also elegant design in overall as the overall style using a modern futuristic design

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