Elephant decor for nursery with grey and pink color

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If we want to make a beautiful nursery then we must not run out of ideas that are funny but still offer comfort for our babies. One of the most interesting ideas is maybe an elephant decor for nursery that offer unique and stylish interior decoration for both our eyes and also our babies on the first place. Like this ideas where the blue colored elephant decor picture which spray bubbles and applied into the wall.

This ideas are pretty unique as simple but still offer a comfy and stylish interior decoration which makes it a good choice for any nursery ideas especially for baby boy. Add this ideas with small rugs chairs and nursery bed then it will come into perfection, of course there are other unique elephant nursery decor ideas that we can try which will be explained further in the next paragraph.

Pink and grey elephant nursery

As the first ideas offer a blue color as its major theme which is perfect for baby boy how about baby girl? Well they also need a good ideas too right for their nursery room? Don’t worry because the pink and grey color combination applied into this diy elephant nursery decor ideas is the perfect choice for your baby girl.

Yes, you read that right, by exchanging the room blue major color for the elephant decoration with the pink color you will get one perfect nursery for your baby girl which will make the room feel comfortable and sweet to look at.

Pink and grey elephant crib bedding

As we talking about nursery then it will be a good idea to talk about the crib bedding right? Yes, it is, the reason is that we also need the right compatibility for our elephant nursery ideas which is quite unique.

A good idea that can be applied for crib bedding which will be applied into a pink and grey elephant nursery ideas is none other than the same crib bedding with the same motives and color which will enhance the elephant baby decor ideas and make the nursery to have its own personality.

Pink and grey chevron baby bedding

The next ideas that can also be applied into your elephant nursery room is the baby bedding with pink and grey color chevron pattern. Yes, chevron pattern will give your crib a more interesting design which is perfect for any nursery ideas.

This ideas will also makes your nursery feel much more colorful as chevron pattern will make both combination color to have equal motif

Elephant nursery wall decor

The next ideas is much more perfect for any types of wall. This is the same ideas as the previously mentioned nursery design in the first paragraph.

However what makes it different is that it shift the color. Therefore we can choose which kinds of nursery elephant wall art color that suitable with our needs and liking or even our baby liking.

Elephant rug for nursery

As explained in the first paragraph, giving rugs will give a more enjoyable and comfortable environment and to make things better the rugs itself have elephant design and motif which makes the ideas feel more stylish and cute which is perfect for baby nursery interior ideas.

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