Diy Overhead Garage Storage with Modern Cabinet Designs

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In this current time, the diy overhead garage storageis very useful in a small home design. The limited garage is now available to place many utilities and appliances. Actually it is simple and just like other plastic cabinets that can be bought in some stores. The difference is, it is creatively arranged on the ceiling that placed on wooden board. That board is nailed on the ceiling so it is strongly hold the cabinets.

Awesome Diy Overhead Garage Cabinet Storage Ideas Made From Light Wood Above Workspace Design

Crowded Furnitures Diy Overhead Garage Storage Appliances Completed

Simple Diy Overhead Garage Storage Plans

With those upper storages, the room can be used to park the car and bicycles freely. You can choose the thick plasterboard as the base and mixed it with wooden beams. On this high diy overhead garage storage those containers can be reached by the ladder. It can be made of woods or aluminum that available on the construction stores. Since the diy overhead storage is free and simple, you can use the colorful rack colors that can differentiate the thing inside it.

Impressing Diy Overhead Garage Storage Illuminated By The The Lamps

Good View Diy Overhead Garage Storage Design Ideas

Various Diy Overhead Garage Storage Designs

But don’t worry, the same color is also available and you can arrange it neatly. Sometimes the container set is created in the same color for all parts, like the grey racks beside. If you have the fewer appliances, you can do this diy overhead garage storage which arranged with single board. It is buffered with steel and mounted on the solid white ceiling. Because it has same color for all buckets, you can name it so you can easily find the stuff. But if you want to make the maximal appearance that looks compact and cool, the customizable design will be good.

The racks are made of timber and attached on the plafond above it. Under these wooden racks, you can add the lighting under cabinet that gives additional light inside the garage. Wooden diy overhead garage storage seems to be easier to create.

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