Design your own mobile home plans

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Design your own mobile home. To have a mobile home is actually a great thing. Even though basically you may not want to move the home around too much but at least, you know that you can really do that as long as you can really find legal space for your mobile home. But, we’re not going to talk about how to find the space. Instead, we’re going to talk about how to design your own mobile home so the condition can be really homey and at the same time, the comfort can be optimized. The reason being is because there are so many people who own mobile home who don’t really know what to do to deal with the design. Well, if you face such condition, you can check out the ideas you can apply here.

design your own mobile home 

Have Sleepbox

Because you have actually had a rather uncommon type of home, why don’t you try to have unique design when you try to design your own mobile home then? The point is to emphasize the uniqueness so your mobile home can be even more special. For this matter, you should focus on the design of your interior. Please don’t bother with the exterior design. Who knows that you are going to move away from such spot later on? So, what can you do with the interior design of your mobile home and make it unique? You can start with the place for you to sleep. Normally, the size of your mobile home is not really that big, right? Well, this can be used as the idea for you to deal with the designing. How to optimize the small size but you can give great impact to the design. The idea is to make it like a kind of sleepbox. Make the beds in different levels. Therefore, you can use one small room for more than one bed. Also play with the lighting so the result of the design can be more fabulous.

design your own modular home

Adding Modernity Value

If you want to have some kind of modern design, you can try to combine so many things to bring the modern value there. For instance, you can play with the rug type and color. Dark color of the rug can be the great alternative for you. Also give some metallic accent in the room. Don’t forget to pay attention to the design of the walls as well. Make sure the modernity is everywhere. Yes, you should do that so you can really emphasize the idea. So, which idea will you apply when you try to design your own mobile home?

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