Crown molding ideas for vaulted ceilings : Regular and Unique Ideas

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If you are interested to have crown molding ideas for vaulted ceilings, well, you should notice that your interest is actually a great idea. You must understand that the ceiling is one of the parts of the house which always seem to be quite complicated to be decorated. Yes, basically, it’s just a simple matter but, sometime, you know that it will give greater impact to the whole design of the room if you can do something about it. The fact that you have got the interest to crown molding for the vaulted ceilings is going to change everything. Don’t let your interest go away. Try to deal with it right away and you can see how great the result can be. But, how can you really deal with it if you have not really had any idea related to it?

high ceiling crown molding

Regular Idea

Can you put crown molding on a vaulted ceiling? Yes, to have crown molding ideas for vaulted ceilings basically, it’s not a hard thing to do. You can keep it simple. You can try to deal with the regular molding. It’s going to be like lining the molding along the connection of the ceilings and the walls. It should actually be enough in giving some accent to the design. Just by doing it alone, you can see that the condition of the room will be different. If you feel bored with the design of the room, this kind of method can do the trick and the result will surprise you. At the same time, it is also easy for you to handle such thing. If you are not really that afraid with height and you have sufficient tools along with some “little” skill in home design and its application, you can do it on your own. Even if you have the service to do it for you, it should not cost you so much.

crown moulding cathedral ceiling

Unique Idea

However, is it possible for you to have a rather unique idea for the crown molding? Perhaps, you may want to have a rather different impact which should be able to give greater awesomeness to your room. Well, it is totally possible for you to do it. Instead of having regular crown molding, you can basically add some lighting to it. Can you imagine how the area above the molding is shining light? Don’t you think it is going to be so fabulous? Without any doubt, it is so easy for you to demand the crown molding ideas for vaulted ceilings like that to become the highlight of your home design.

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