Crown molding ideas for bedrooms that Will Boost the Greatness of the Design

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Not all people realize that basically they can improve the greatness of their bedrooms and boost the comfort as well as relaxation there if they can deal with some simple yet effective matter as the part of their bedroom design. Have you ever thought about having some crown molding ideas for bedrooms? If you have never thought of it, it’s the time for you to do it. Despite the fact that the crown molding seems so simple and rather insignificant, it can actually give great impact to the greatness of the bedroom.

simple crown molding ideas

The First Idea: Black Crown Molding

Now, let’s start by talking about the first of the simple crown molding ideas for bedrooms. For you who are not really that familiar with the crown molding, you should know that it is actually the decoration or accessory done to the ceiling area of the bedroom. In addition to the fact that the crown molding is going to improve the greatness of the bedroom design, it will also improve the mood of yours whenever you are spending your time in the bedroom. As the result, you can really expect to get greater relaxation quality. And for the first idea, you may want to try having black crown molding. Yes, perhaps, you may notice that most crown molding ideas are done in white or pastel colors. Having black crown molding may sound like a rather unique thing to do and it actually is. By having such crown molding, basically, you give some contrast to your bedroom and it is so great in giving some kind of freshness feeling to the design of the bedroom. As for the design of the crown molding, it can be done in rather usual way. Make sure you paint it properly so the black color can cover the area of the crown molding greatly to give nicer impact to the design of the bedroom.

wall crown molding ideas

Curtains behind Crown Molding

The next idea is to have simple crown molding like what you are familiar with but for this one, you should give some accent to it. How can you do it? Well, you may want to have curtains behind the crown molding. It is going to be so fantastic. You should install the railing of the curtain first and then you cover the railing with the crown molding. Therefore, it seems like the curtain comes out from the crown molding. It’s going to be so unique and interesting and it will become one of the great attractive parts of your bedroom. The two crown molding ideas for bedrooms as mentioned before should be enough to give you insights. What idea will you choose? No matter which one you choose, just do it already.

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  3. Crown molding ideas for bedrooms that Will Boost the Greatness of the Design
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