Conex House Exposes a Dazzling Design of Exterior and Interior

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Have you ever heard about the conex house building? This one is a simple living house that is created from a shipping container. Cheaper costs are required rather than the other common houses. Perfect handling in air circulation and furnishing will help you to outsmart the common problems that usually found inside this kind of dwelling. Some of them that are developed even more could be a two-story or a three-story house. Want to check it more?

Awesome Picture Conex House Taupe Wall Glass Windows

Distinct View Tincan Cabin Dot Com in Conex House

Exterior of the Conex House Project

There are lots of conex dwellings’ exteriors are developed. Most of them maintain their pure pattern of the shipping containers. You know, the vertical linings and metal looks. But no less of them repaint their conex houses to get more colorful looks. A door could be created on its one side as the main access. Some new windows are simply created for better circulations of the conex house, and they give a more spacious sight too. But, how to put the furniture properly inside the limited area?


Impressing Conex House with Pool Blue Water Furnished

Nice Interior for Your Conex House

The Crossbox Project by CG Architects in France will show you how to create a perfect interior design for your container house. Two shipping containers are placed crossly, painted in black and green colors. Their minimalist design and style is completed with simple nature looks. This conex house has a perfect living room with white ceiling and walls. As we all know, white exudes wider even more. In the middle of the room is a brown sofa with letter L shape stands on the wooden floor.

And for the kitchen, try the ideas given by the WFH House in China by Argency. This simple house applies white interior all over the living space. On the white oak flooring, stands a white contemporary kitchen island. Two wooden barstools are available next to it. And for the kitchen cabinets, the sleek white with sink and oven are provided on the sunken wall behind. Complete their presence inside the conex housewith an opened design given by the foldable glassed doors.

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  3. Conex House Exposes a Dazzling Design of Exterior and Interior
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