Carriage Bed for Girls with Colorful Looks and Girly Designs

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Various carriage bed for girlsdesigns are offered in our market now. Cute and girly looks of them will easily catch the heart of our daughter. Make it custom? Why not? Lots of different themes cause colorful looks of them too. You can play with your imagination and combine it with your daughter’s tastes. And if you like to have one, there are some tips that you should know first.

Comfort Carriage Bed for Girls with Nice Pillows

Cool Nursery Carriage Bed for Girls in Taupe Hues

Cinderella’s Carriage Bed for Girls Designs

Who doesn’t know Cinderella? A pity girl that best known with her fantastic carriage. We can give our daughter a carriage too: a carriage for sleeping. For a dreamy carriage bed for girls, we can have a rounded and white carriage body. Combine the white tone with golden linings and some transparent glass as the carriage bed for girlsexterior looks. Blue mattress and blue curtains could be nice too for the Cinderella carriage bed ideas.

For a little girl, you can try a different concept with smaller carriage. Choose the pink girls carriage bed. Put a single mattress with Princess theme design inside and combine it also with pink ruffles. But to make it balance, you have to repaint all of the walls. For the best idea is to paint the walls in matching pink color. Stick some posters of Disney Princess’s stories to give a real girly touch. Cover the floor with carpet and have a perfect modern look. If you have another idea to beautify the carriage bed for girls, don’t be afraid to show it off.

Cozy Carriage Bed for Girls With White Shaped Carriage Bed And White Curtain

Cute Carriage Bed for Girls in Pink Hues Ideas

The Carriage Bed for Girls Room Paints

As what have been told before, we have to match the carriage colors with the walls painting. To get a dramatic effect, maybe you can apply dark tone like blue or purple. If you worry about the paint, you can cover the walls with nice wallpapers. A carriage with silver frames and pink mattress will be perfect to be added here. If you prefer white mattress with silver frames, then the room walls would be better in blue tone. The carriage bed for girls is easy to be applied in your modern house, as long as you know how to handle this marvelous item.

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  3. Carriage Bed for Girls with Colorful Looks and Girly Designs
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