Carpet trends for 2016 : Figuring out which the Hottest

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Please, don’t ever think that carpet is only the thing you use to cover the flooring area and that’s pretty much all of it. If you still think that way, you won’t have any interest in getting the carpet at all. What’s the point of covering the flooring then? What you should understand about carpet is how it isn’t only going to improve the comfort of the room with its warmth and fluffiness but the carpet will also play role in determining the greatness of your room design. Yes, if you get the right carpet, especially if you understand carpet trends for 2016, it is very likely for the design of your room to be boosted and after all, you are going to be the one who feels so satisfied.

carpet trends for bedrooms

Linear Lines

To be honest, there are some trends which are still being carried out as carpet trends for 2016. For instance, you can check out the carpet with linear line pattern. There’s no way for this carpet pattern to be “so yesterday” by considering its awesomeness. This kind of carpet will give nicer and fresher ambience to your room. It is also good to give some texture to your room. Even though you can really see the pattern there but it’s not really that overwhelming which should be really suitable to be combined with minimalist and modern design. And by considering that minimalist and modern design is going to be the hot hit in the next year, if we do the math, we surely find that this kind of carpet should still be popular in the upcoming year. Please don’t think that it’s too simple as well. Even though we’re talking about linear lines here, but as mentioned above, it’s refreshing. It should be enough to make you feel pleased to spend your time in the room where the carpet is placed.

home carpet trends 2016

Texture-y and Full of Accent

Unlike the previous idea, what we’re going to talk next is in contrary. It’s full of pattern. Therefore, it can be a great choice for you who still think that the linear line pattern is quite boring. This carpet has the color, texture, and pattern. It is going to be so suitable if you are a kind of person who likes to have a lot of accents as the part of your home design. And this carpet will fit in if your house is rather in simple or minimalist design because it will give nice accent to it. Then, up to this point, have you decided which carpet trends for 2016 you will choose?

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  3. Carpet trends for 2016 : Figuring out which the Hottest
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