Cabin Style Mobile Homes with Proper Designs of Interior

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Lots of cabin style mobile homesare created nowadays. This style of house will help us to save more spaces in the dense urban living. Movable house from wooden materials will give you more and more benefits. Cabin house is usually simple and lighter than the other common houses. Do not worry about the interior setting, because you will have it also perfect. Let’s check out for an example.

Cool Cabin Style Mobile Home with Taupe Wall Framed

Cabin Style Compact Washington Mobile Home For Two  Windows

The Cabin Style Mobile Homes Simple Exterior Design

A cabin house in Southwestern Colorado, USA has a very great design. This one is called “The Ski Hut” and was created by Jalopy Cabins. Rustic woods cover all of the cabin style manufactured homes exterior walls. Triangular roof is supported by some wooden cantilevers. And for the entrance of the cabin style mobile homes, there is a simple white door with glass surrounded by lots of logs. The simple terrace uses wooden boards for flooring and some little stuff for decorations. Simple.

Cute Cabin Style Mobile Home Glass Windows Finished

Good View Aca Small Cabin Style Mobile Home

Warm Atmosphere of the Cabin Style Mobile Homes Interior Design

For the interior ideas, you can try also the design of this project. A simple working room inside the cabin style mobile homes could be completed with a simple wooden working table under a simple window. Put a single red chair to support your comfort, also a black and white rug for a simple decoration. Wooden item like a rocking chair is placed in a corner of this site too. And if you like, do not bother to put a table lamp for lighting too.

Set the kitchen in warm by applying a wooden kitchen cabinet. This project has a long kitchen cabinet is letter L shape, completed with a white built-in sink application. A black faucet is available too. Its combination with the wooden kitchen and wooden flooring adds a warmer look. You can check another exterior of other cabin style mobile homes projects made by different designers.

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  3. Cabin Style Mobile Homes with Proper Designs of Interior
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