Bathroom remodel trends 2016 ideas you should try

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Does your bathroom look boring? Do you think that it is the right time for you to do some remodeling in order to improve its look? If that is so, the time is so right for you since New Year is about to come soon and new bathroom remodel trends 2016 are already available for you to try at home. In simple words, it can be said that the trends now tend to be related more to modernity. Some previous bathroom trends, including the use of vintage-looking metal material like copper, are still trending in 2016. In order to save your time, here are some suggested remodeling trends you should really give a try.

Bathroom renovation trends

Heated Floor

The first example of bathroom remodel trends 2016 is so suitable to be included in the category of high end or luxurious remodeling option. This is not only caused by the high price you need to pay in order to be able to perform this remodeling but also because of the overall effect it will give, The remodeling option meant here is none other but heated floor. Even the price of this idea might be a bit high you also need to know that it gives great advantage to you. The most significant advantage can be felt during cold weather where your bathroom flooring will never feel too cold anymore.

Bathroom remodel ideas small space

More Modern Wall with Subway Tile

If you only want to replace the old tiles on your bathroom walls, no matter whether those are the ones located near the sink, the shower room, or any other parts of the bathroom, there is a thing you need to keep in mind. In the year of 2016, subway tiles are the ones that are more trending than any others. This can build not only modern but also contemporary and even industrial look in your bathroom area. All you need to do is picking the right subway tile style and color that can match the old style you have applied previously for the bathroom area.

Copper or Brushed Nickel for Sink and Bathroom Hardware

When thinking about a more affordable bathroom remodel trends 2016, the best choice to pick is to replace the old sink or hardware with the new one. Especially for this, the choices of metal material are still a trend, especially when the materials are copper or brushed nickel. If a more modern look is wanted, you can just skip the copper option since this has a more vintage look instead of the modern one.

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