Backyard wedding reception ideas Simple yet Intimate

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Backyard wedding reception ideas. Who says that you need to rent a ballroom or the other luxurious places if you want to make sure your wedding reception can be so memorable? Do you know that basically you can save a lot of money and the result can be just as good – if not better? What you should do is to hold your wedding reception in your backyard. Yes, below, you are going to learn some of the really great but simple backyard wedding reception ideas. But, before that, in order to make you feel a lot much more convinced about it, you should understand the benefits of having wedding reception in the backyard.

backyard wedding reception ideas on a budget

The Greatness of Backyard Wedding Reception

The first benefit of having backyard wedding reception ideas has actually been mentioned above. Yes, it’s going to help you save a lot of money. Compared to rent the ballroom or the other luxurious places, you barely need to spend any money at all if you use your backyard. Indeed, there is a limitation in the amount of guests you invite to come to the wedding reception because it is surely related to the size of the backyard. And we all know that there’s scarcely any backyard which can be as big as the ballroom. However, the relatively small size of the backyard can turn advantageous for you. The wedding reception is going to be a lot much more intimate. What can defeat the intimacy during wedding reception? Even the luxurious wedding reception can be as pleasuring as to see the people can really enjoy their times during the wedding reception as it thanks to the intimacy provided by the backyard.

outdoor wedding reception ideas

Do These!

Now that you have understood the points mentioned before, you should be wondering about the right backyard wedding reception ideas to apply directly. Well, there are two points you can emphasize. The first is about the foods. Make sure everything is tasty and appetizing. Remember, you don’t need to make things too complicated for you. As long as you love the foods, the other people should love them too. Don’t forget to pay attention to the placement of the foods as well. Make it certain that they are so attractive. And the second thing is surely about the design of the wedding reception. Well, for this matter, there’s a great idea and it’s about having some tiny lamps hung above the wedding reception. Yes, you should hold the reception in the evening so the result can be more romantic. To make it even clearer for you, you can take a look at the pictures and try to apply the ideas and see how awesome it can be.

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