Backyard ice skating rink : how to build

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Backyard ice skating rink. Who doesn’t like skating on ice rink? No matter who you are or how old you are, such activity is really great for you to have fun especially during the winter. However, in order to satisfy your desire to enjoy such great time in ice skating, normally, you will need to go to the mall or you need to go to the skiing resort. Those places definitely cost you some money and the amount can be quite much. If you can save your money and at the same time you can still fulfill your desire, why do you choose to spend the money? Yes, you can actually have backyard ice skating rink. And here, you are going to learn about how to do it.

backyard ice skating rink

Preparation Phase

The discussion about making backyard ice skating rink like what we’re going to have here will be divided into two parts. The first part is related to the preparation and the second one is the execution. Alright, let’s start with the preparation. For this matter, you will need to pay attention to the area of your backyard. If you really want to have ice skating rink there, make sure you provide rather vast area but it doesn’t need to be too vast. At least, the area is able to cover you to skate around safely. In preparing the space, you need to get rid of anything which can be hampering for the construction process later on. You want the ice rink to be nice and flat. Therefore, you should make sure that the area can be like that. And then, you should also give some kind of small wall around the ice rink to give limit to the skating area. At the same time, you can also give better look for the ice rink later on.

homemade ice rink

Creation Phase

Now, let’s talk about the creation process. Practically, we’re going to make some kind of pool but instead of using a lot of water, you only need to make sure the water is high enough to cover the rink area. Then, let it frozen and for this matter, you should count on the help of the weather. Perhaps, you may find that the ice rink is covered in snow. Just simply clean the snow and make sure the surface is flat enough. Check as proper as possible and whenever everything seems to be good, you can start using the ice rink. Yes, everyone can really have backyard ice skating rink. So, why don’t you give it a try right away?

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