2016 colors for living rooms : Get Pretty Look with These

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New Year may be the right time for you to change the look of your living room so you will also feel a new atmosphere in there that will give you a new spirit to continue your life passionately in 2016. If that is really what you are thinking about in your mind, there are some interesting 2016 colors for living room you can take into consideration. In a more specific way, the new color suggestion that are about to be informed to you can make your living room area looks prettier than before.

warm paint colors for living rooms

Lilac Living Room Color

The first suggested choice for 2016 colors for living room is lilac. Until now, many people still think that this color option is too girly and even too childish. As a matter of fact, this color is not only a new trend in 2016, especially for living room area. Instead, it is also the one that can make a living room not only prettier but also calmer and also more peaceful than ever. It is so reasonable then if the room can also give a special relaxation effect not only for homeowner but also other people who come for a visit. The soothing effect it gives makes the color not only perfect for sitting area like living room but also bedroom where you spend most time resting and relaxing. If you do not want your living room area to look too soft because of the use of too much lilac color, you can combine this with purple, which is actually another trending color for the same room in 2016. Purple color that is darker than lilac tone can give something bold in the room, making it less soft as well as more modern too. The combination is simple but also beautiful at the same time.

colors for living rooms 2016

White Living Room Color with Layers

Surprisingly, white is the next color that is also included in the category of 2016 colors for living room. However, there is something different in this trend because you cannot simply apply only a tone of white in the room. In 2016, layered white color theme is the one that is more trending. That is why, in applying white in the room you are needed to be able to create the layers. The way to do this is quite easy actually. As hinted previously, you only need to use more than just one white tone in the room. In other words, you are needed to combine several white tones not only on the walls but also on furniture and decorations.

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